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Individual Coaching

An important part of being an affective leader is to know your-self and seek self-improvement.

By identifying managers’ personal and professional strengths and weakness’, GMS Keeler Consulting can help those leaders become more affective in both their personals and professional lives. When a business develops their own managers, they build employee loyalty; which can lead to long-term success of the organization. GMS Keeler Consulting, provides a host of services to help develop an organization’s people.

  • Develop “big picture” thinking and build positive attitudes
  • Develop leadership and internal growth opportunities
  • Develop and promote understanding and trust
  • Develop a cohesive, energized team with a united purpose
  • Develop individuals to achieve their potential
  • Refine organizational vision and purpose and develop and sustain corporate values
  • Align personal and professional goals
  • Define strategic direction and build commitment
  • Promote development of subordinates
  • Improve customer satisfaction and customer-focused growth
  • Improve interpersonal relationships and feelings of personal fulfillment
  • Improve communication and effectiveness at all levels
  • Improve employee satisfaction, attitudes, and morale
  • Free employees to share ideas for improvements
  • Break down barriers and foster cooperation
  • Enhance self-esteem and build confidence

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“I have had five different outside people comment on the changes they have observed since the program started. They used words like Things are different around here. People are now working together in a collaborative way I didn’t see before. This place is alive all of a sudden! When I came in here two months ago this place was like a morgue! What did you do?”
– Financial Institution

“Your willingness to design this program to meet my specific needs in my specific business is simply uncommon! I’ve discovered a 20%-25% reduction in my daily stress! I’m very pleased to let you know that one of my greatest fears, dealing with unpleasant people in unpleasant situations, no longer paralyzes me. I can now handle these kinds of situations with skill and confidence!”
– Networking Organization