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About Us


The key to building an effective business is hands-on mentorship. Being a strong mentor is important to GMS Keeler Consulting, no matter if it is building a training plan or finding a printer that best suite our clients needs: If you have a need we have the solution. The GMS Keeler Consulting team takes great pride in training leaders at all levels of the organization. GSM Keeler Consulting works with organizations of all sizes to put training, mentorship, and process in place for long-term success.


At GMS Keeler Consulting Group, our vision is to be the best business services firm in not just the federal market but in all areas of the business world. We expect and demand the best from all parts of our team to always keep the needs of GMS Keeler Consulting client’s our top priority: if you have an need we have the solution!


“This course made me very aware of myself.” – Retail Industry

“Not only do I now understand what you do, but I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their business.” – Printing & Graphic Design Industry

“We have only just begun to implement the Strategic Plan and already after only two months, we have a bigger business bank account than we have ever had and, per plan, we are opening our second location.” - Service Industry

“I have had five different outside people comment on the changes they have observed since the program started. They used words like Things are different around here. People are now working together in a collaborative way I didn’t see before. This place is alive all of a sudden! When I came in here two months ago this place was like a morgue! What did you do?” – Financial Institution